Importance of Good Posture


Posture has everything to do with our lives. Just like breathing is something we do organically, our daily posture habits greatly affect our health and well-being. It is true that our posture can even affect our long-term health. We’ve all had a loved one nag us to stop slouching or sit up straight, right? Well, it turns out there’s more to standing up correctly than just looking confident, which, by the way, is another positive benefit of good posture!

Good posture can alleviate back pain, stimulate muscle mobility, prevent muscle strain, and reduce impact and stress on the bones, joints, and ligaments. Bottom line? Good posture is extremely important to your overall health.

Importance of Good Posture


If you want to know if what bad posture looks like, there are few signs to look for,

  • Slouching
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Head forward and not aligned with the spine
  • Hunched back
  • Arching lower back
  • Locked knees
  • Potbelly

Importance of Good Posture


Learning how to get better posture has immense benefits, with immediate and
long-term health results. That’s why it’s important to turn good posture into
a habit now. The great thing about posture is that it can be trained. With practice
and small lifestyle changes, you’ll improve your posture and be sitting upright
naturally without giving it a second thought.

Good posture does many things for your overall health, including:

Building Muscle Strength

1. Building Muscle Strength

A large component to maintaining an upright posture is to strengthen
the core and back muscles. Movement engages the muscles, in effect
building muscle strength. Incorporate daily core exercises, which are
particularly helpful at strengthening the postural muscles that insulate
and protect the spine.

Keeping Organs in Perfect Harmony

2. Keeping Organs in Perfect Harmony

Ever experienced the misery of acid reflux, heartburn, or constipation?
Believe it or not, all three could be connected to poor posture. Think
about it. When we slouch forward, we’re compressing our internal
organs into our abdomen like an overstuffed suitcase. The best way
to aid digestion and keep things moving along is to adopt correct
body alignment.

Relieving Upper-Body Tension and Pain

3. Relieving Upper-Body Tension and Pain

Newcomers to the world of posture training often experience aches and
pains when starting to adjust their alignment. This is to be expected, as
their muscles are resetting their body to its natural state, engaging muscle
groups that probably haven’t seen much activity in a while. But, that
burn you’re feeling just means that your new posture is taking shape
and you’re building muscle memory. After a week of training, even
chronic upper-body pain should subside, making upright posture far
more comfortable.

Increasing Brain Function and Concentration

4. Increasing Brain Function and Concentration

With so many distractions in our lives, it can be hard to concentrate on
all the tasks at hand. This is especially true when our body is hunched over
as we’re restricting the flow of oxygen to our brain. It stands to reason
that the more relaxed and successful we feel, the better equipped we are
to solve problems. A study by Colorado College found that male students 
with the best sitting posture significantly outperformed those who slouched
in exams. This gives new meaning to straight-A students!

Building Natural Confidence

5. Building Natural Confidence

You’d be forgiven for thinking that achieving the perfect beach body is a
more important pursuit than correcting body alignment. But, what’s the
point in having a great physique if it’s hidden from the world by closed-off
posture? Even if you aren’t built like a Greek god or goddess, upright
posture can at least give you the appearance of one. By simply carrying
yourself with pride, you project the confidence necessary to succeed in your
personal and professional relationships. Oh, and FYI, perfect body alignment
is totally something to be proud of.