Bestand NECKLACE: Another Way to Wear Your Bestand Pro

You spoke and we listened!
Introducing the Bestand Necklace, a game-changing new accessory that gives you the option to wear your Bestand Pro device without adhesives. Thanks to its innovative design, the necklace manages to be convenient and flexible without compromising on accuracy.
Now it’s easier than ever to get the hang of healthy posture!
Necklace vs. Adhesives: What’s the Difference?
Wearable devices are, by definition, meant to be worn on your body. Bestand Like and Pro are no exception, sitting snugly on your upper back where they can best track your posture. Until now, users were only able to keep them in place by means of special adhesives that are applied directly to the skin. But variety being the spice of life and all, we thought it fitting (pun intended) to offer an alternative to that tried-and-trusted method. And so, the Bestand Pro was born.

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