How this Tiny Device made me Look & Feel Better in under 2 Weeks

Correcting our posture is such a simple, easy to overlook, and powerful a tool to improve our overall well-being. When our mood or our energy is low, sitting or standing upright is an easy way to bring our state of mind into a happier place.
But it’s not always easy to remember or even realize when we’re slouching.
This is exactly what the clever folks at Upright designed their nifty little posture trainer to help with.
Bestand Pro is a tiny, wearable bit of tech that syncs with an app to help train us to sit or stand up straight. And if you think your mom was vigilant in catching you every time you slouched, she’s nothing compared to this. But I’d definitely rather have the pleasant little vibration of the Bestand Pro to remind me.
As I continued to train with and use my Upright Go, I found that I was focusing better at work, feeling more energized throughout the day, and generally more uplifted in my mood and, most noticeably, my sense of self-confidence.
Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy actually presented her theory in what is now one of TED Talks’ most watched videos, that “power posing”—standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident—can boost feelings of confidence, and might have an impact on our chances for success.
Good Posture is Powerful
It takes just two weeks to a healthier, more confident you, according to the folks at Upright. The benefits of better posture include:
Improved spinal health
Stronger, more stable core
Increased confidence both inwardly (how we feel) and outwardly (how we look to the world)
Better focus and concentration
Improved self-awareness


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